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Good Luck EDoll

Emelie Enqvist - the darker side of the ballerina

One day this will be EDoll

My friend EDoll is going to audition for NBS (National Ballet School of Canada) If she gets accepted she will live in the school for 6 years and might go on tour.  I’d be really happy if she gets accepted but I will really miss her. Were BFFL’S. Today she wrote on a piece of paper:

BFFLABNMWWWEU (Best friends for life and beyond no matter whenever, wherever we end up)

BFFLWWFAE (best friends for life whenever wherever for all eternity)

That made me tear up. Me, EDoll, and Nation are Blogger Buddies, Best Friends FOR LIFE, FOR ALL ETERNITY.  We will accept what we all have to do and we will help each other through everything.  We are are true best friends and no matter where we end up, we will still be best friends.


4 thoughts on “Good Luck EDoll

  1. Hi marissa it’s EDoll i can’t belive this is happening I will always remeber you and Nation. Well i’m starting to cry now so I’ll see you soon and good luck to Nation and you wherever you guys end up.

  2. Hey EDoll and Rissa2891 its Jacqueline! Good Luck EDoll! A couple of questions! Are you leaving this year? Is it the bordering school part? If you dont want to answer this now you can tell me at school tommorow but St. ********** Wont be the same with out you! Rissa2891 i love your blog! See you guys tommorow!

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