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English: Simon Cowell at the National Televisi...

Simon Cowell

This singing competition is the second season in the USA.  The competition is nail biting. These contestants are very good.There are 4 categories. The young adults, the teens, the over 25’s, and the groups.  These four categories have a mentor which are the judges.  The young adults have Demi Lovato, The over 25’s have L.A Reid, The teens have Britney Spears, and the groups have Simon Cowell. Their new hosts are Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom.  Right now, there are four contestants left; Tate Stevens (the only one in the over 25’s) Emblem3 (one out of two of the groups), Fifth Harmony (Another group that were solo artists and was put together by the judges/mentors), and my personal favorite Carly Rose Sonenclar.  Every performance week they do one song according to the theme of the week, and a pepsi challenge song that is chosen by America.  The next day, there is either a double elimination or a single one.  A double elimination is when the person with the lowest amount of votes is kicked off immediately and the next two people who have the least amount of votes have to ‘Sing for Survival’ and the judges/mentors choose who will be going home or not. A single elimination is when the two people who have the least amount of votes have to ‘Sing for Survival’ and the judges will choose who will go home.  Every elimination week there are guest stars that sing.  So far, we have seen Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Josh Krajcik (Runner up last year), Melanie Amaro (winner last year), One Direction, Cher Lloyd and I’m pretty sure that is it. The X Factor is on Wednesday and Thursday.  I am always so eager to watch it.  If you watch it, I hope you like it too!


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