I personally think this is absolutely true. This is from threegirlsandablog.com. My best friends and our two other friends blog that inspired me to do mine.

Three Girls and a Blog

titleGirly Girl, Tomboy. What’s The Difference? Hi guys, It’s Ava. Today I wanted to share my opinion about the titles girly girl and tomboy. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM… Yes I said hate. (Sorry mom, I know you don’t like me saying “hate” but I just HAD to!). First reason why I hate them, the majority of girls would say they are a “tomboy”. Some girls might even lie about it (I know from personal experiances). Want to know why? To appeal to… boys. Yes it’s crazy! But true. Girls think that guys would like an active, downtown tomboy, which might be true for some guys, but I would think that a guy would like a girl who was themselves! To all you girls out there, BOYS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING LIVING ON EARTH. I for one find a lot more fun hanging with my girls. Another reason why I…

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