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The Real Meaning of Christmas

At school we were talking about Christmas and how we celebrate it now-a-days. Say it’s your birthday. Everyone gives gifts to one another and celebrates with each other, but without you… Now, some people are forgetting why we celebrate Christmas. It is Jesus’ birthday.  We give presents to one another, we get and decorate a tree, we send our letters to Santa, we go caroling, we have a feast, but think about this. What do we give to Jesus? Christmas is NOT a holiday, it is Jesus’ birthday that is surrounded with Holidays.  Also, people are not saying Merry Christmas that much. If you really think about it, we say now ‘Happy Holidays’, or ‘Season’s Greetings’ but what about Merry Christmas?  It even says it on cards! There are pictures and sayings that don’t even relate to the real meaning of Christmas. ‘Winter Wonderland’ with puppies and polar bears. If you are Christian, you should know that we should really be saying Merry Christmas. This does NOT mean you shouldn’t celebrate, you should still celebrate but don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas and give your present to Jesus and not just everyone else.

This is an advent video that we watched at school


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