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Speech Spazzing!!!

My school is having our speech competition again. I love making speeches ad presenting them. This is my second year at this school and the competition here is intense. Every class that grades range from grade 4-6 will present their speech in their class first. Next, the class will pick two people to go to the gym and compete with other classes in front of the whole school. The winner will go to this huge competition with a bunch of school. ONE person from grades 4-6 and ONE person from grades 7-8. Last year I competed in the gym with my speech about Michael Jackson. That was my second year writing speeches. I wanted to win, but so did everyone else. My friend in the other grade 5 class won first place with her speech on candy. I think she deserved it. Anyways, the reason why i am soooo stressed and spazzed out is that this year, I had a brilliant speech topic… So did 7 other people in the school. I thought I had a really good chance of winning this year!!! The story gets even worse. Remember that girl that won last year? She is one of the seven people that have the same speech topic as me. Everyone is telling me all I have to do is believe in myself but if you just hear her speak, its so…. its like…. its speaking potential, I guess. I’m thinking about writing different speeches and asking my teacher which one is a winner. I am just so upset! I don’t know any other speech topics. It’s even more upsetting because I finished my research and halfway done writing while my competition is already practicing memorizing her speech. Wish me luck.

Status update: Nervous, Scared, Spazzy!


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