Shout Out #1

Flickr friends

I’d like to give my first shout out to my 4 best friends. Their names are Elena, Nation, Griffen, and Samuel.

Elena: My bus buddy and my best (girl) friend. We first met last year. We were both new to the school. We were randomly talking about our old schools and our bus’. We noticed that we were on the same bus. And I guess that’s how we spent all that time out of school.She’s outgoing, funny, and loud (in a good way).

Nation: My blogger buddy and my best (girl) friend. I also met her last year. She came later in the school year. Our special bond is that we are both Asian. ASIAN DOMINATION! She is the one who inspired me to do my own blog. Her website is called She can be shy but then she can be crazy! That’s what I love about people. When you think the opposite of what they really are.

Griffen: My best (guy) friend. He is the most outgoing person I know. He’ll talk to anyone and everyone. He’s not just outgoing but really funny. He makes a joke out of everything. We weren’t in the class last year so I didn’t really know him that well. What I thought before, was that he was REALLY weird. I wasn’t wrong, but he’s weird in the cool way. Check out and subscribe to his videos on YouTube. Just type in Griffen Appleby and his channel will show up. Nickname-Gippen

Samuel: Like Elena, Samuel is my bus buddy and my best friend. Whenever we have nothing to do on the bus…Well, when Samuel is on the bus, there’s always something to do! He can make anyone laugh. He makes everyone feel welcome and included. He is one of the funniest people I know. Nickname-Samul.

Status Update: Wanting to go to school ??


Happy Valentines Day

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

As you probably know it’s Valentines Day! This day is to celebrate a four letter word. It starts with L and ends with an O-V-E. I’m not only talking about crushes at school but family love and friendship love. So today at school, we have our annual Valentines dance. I found the perfect someone to dance with. Who I’m talking about are my BESTIES! At the dance everyone is so shy at the beginning. No ones dancing. No ones singing. They are either sitting or walking in circles. I was just standing their for a while because 1. I was the only and first person there. 2. I hated the song. 3. The lights were on. I only dance when the lights are off so people barely see me. Later on, I requested a song, surprisingly I forgot what I requested. What I do know is that we were dancing like there was no tomorrow and scaring guys off by screaming/singing along. It was pretty funny because when our guy classmates came over, they went away in a second! What I learned today is jumping to the beat while lazily fist pumping counts as dancing. What I was surprised to see was my guy friend danced a dance for the first time in public! I was sweating like crazy! I tried to sneak in every photo! (Have you seen Ellen DeGeneres’ creeper pics?) It was so fun but the songs were repetitive. Overall, I had fun!

Status update: Partied Out #-)

Laugh of the Day #2


Everyone knows what a # (hashtag) is right? If you don’t, it’s a tag embedded with a message posted on twitter, consisting of a word within the message with a hash sign. Moving on, a couple weeks ago I went shopping. At one store, I saw a tee-shirt that said:



LOL! If you have a joke that you would like me to post, comment in the SUGGESTION BOX and if it’s funny I will post and give you credit.

Status update: ROFL 😛


As you know from a couple posts back we did speeches.  I did it on dreams and sadly didn’t win. But I ham very happy for my two friends that are going to the gym and the alternative (they are all girls). I very much enjoyed their speech. The topics were ‘Lying’, ‘Larisa Yurkiw’ and ‘GMO’s’. Anyways, we are doing another speech but this time in french -.- I have no ideas for my speech topic! I don’t know much about right now because my teacher told us to focus on our topic.  I just wanted to tell you about it now instead of telling you all about it in one post and it being a whole chapter in a book. What I mean is I don’t want it to be too long or you wont read because you’re too lazy. (I don’t blame you I would of done it too) I will get back to you later. Keep an eye out!

Status update: Nervous, Scared, Spazzy!

Happy (really) Belated Birthday

Red velvet cake is often made as a layer cake.

On January 14  (I know soooo long ago my apologies!!) it was my close cousins 9th birthday. Happy (really) belated birthday Aby! For her birthday, the theme was a masquerade. We watched the movie ‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D) and our 3D glasses were our masks! We got to decorate it ourselves! It was my moms birthday, too! Her birthday was on January 30. Fun fact: Justin Timberlake’s birthday was the next day! She’m not allowed to tell… Her cake was amazing. Maybe that’s because I picked it out. The flavor was red velvet, my favourite and the only kind of cake I like. Anyways, my apologies family members!! Too many events, not enough time!!!

Status Update: Forgetful

Penny Phase-Out

1974 Canadian Penny (Reverse)

I haven’t had time to post in a while but I’m trying to make time. Anyways, in Canada last week ( Monday, February 4, 2013) the government has decided to take out the penny of our coinage system. They said that taxpayers are saving about $11 million per year. To remember them I’m collecting all the pennies I can. Every week, my friends and I will put our pennies together and when we have a lot, we will put it in a time capsule so in the future (hopefully) people will wonder and probably figure out what they are.  Do the same! Long live the penny! Can anyone tell me  what “Long live the penny” means? LOL!

Status update: Sad 😦

NHL Jokes/Burns

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NHL (For your information, I don’t mean to offend anyone!)

Q: What do the Bruins and the Titanic have in common?

A: They both look good until the hit the ice!

Guess what Leaf fans! Leaves die every fall!

Q. What do you call a Vancouver Canuck with a Stanley Cup ring?
A. A thief.

The Montreal Canadians are really fast! Almost like cheaters.

Status update: Anxious for the new season