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As you know from a couple posts back we did speeches.  I did it on dreams and sadly didn’t win. But I ham very happy for my two friends that are going to the gym and the alternative (they are all girls). I very much enjoyed their speech. The topics were ‘Lying’, ‘Larisa Yurkiw’ and ‘GMO’s’. Anyways, we are doing another speech but this time in french -.- I have no ideas for my speech topic! I don’t know much about right now because my teacher told us to focus on our topic.  I just wanted to tell you about it now instead of telling you all about it in one post and it being a whole chapter in a book. What I mean is I don’t want it to be too long or you wont read because you’re too lazy. (I don’t blame you I would of done it too) I will get back to you later. Keep an eye out!

Status update: Nervous, Scared, Spazzy!


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