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Happy Valentines Day

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

As you probably know it’s Valentines Day! This day is to celebrate a four letter word. It starts with L and ends with an O-V-E. I’m not only talking about crushes at school but family love and friendship love. So today at school, we have our annual Valentines dance. I found the perfect someone to dance with. Who I’m talking about are my BESTIES! At the dance everyone is so shy at the beginning. No ones dancing. No ones singing. They are either sitting or walking in circles. I was just standing their for a while because 1. I was the only and first person there. 2. I hated the song. 3. The lights were on. I only dance when the lights are off so people barely see me. Later on, I requested a song, surprisingly I forgot what I requested. What I do know is that we were dancing like there was no tomorrow and scaring guys off by screaming/singing along. It was pretty funny because when our guy classmates came over, they went away in a second! What I learned today is jumping to the beat while lazily fist pumping counts as dancing. What I was surprised to see was my guy friend danced a dance for the first time in public! I was sweating like crazy! I tried to sneak in every photo! (Have you seen Ellen DeGeneres’ creeper pics?) It was so fun but the songs were repetitive. Overall, I had fun!

Status update: Partied Out #-)


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