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Shout Out #1

Flickr friends

I’d like to give my first shout out to my 4 best friends. Their names are Elena, Nation, Griffen, and Samuel.

Elena: My bus buddy and my best (girl) friend. We first met last year. We were both new to the school. We were randomly talking about our old schools and our bus’. We noticed that we were on the same bus. And I guess that’s how we spent all that time out of school.She’s outgoing, funny, and loud (in a good way).

Nation: My blogger buddy and my best (girl) friend. I also met her last year. She came later in the school year. Our special bond is that we are both Asian. ASIAN DOMINATION! She is the one who inspired me to do my own blog. Her website is called http://www.threegirlsandablog.com. She can be shy but then she can be crazy! That’s what I love about people. When you think the opposite of what they really are.

Griffen: My best (guy) friend. He is the most outgoing person I know. He’ll talk to anyone and everyone. He’s not just outgoing but really funny. He makes a joke out of everything. We weren’t in the class last year so I didn’t really know him that well. What I thought before, was that he was REALLY weird. I wasn’t wrong, but he’s weird in the cool way. Check out and subscribe to his videos on YouTube. Just type in Griffen Appleby and his channel will show up. Nickname-Gippen

Samuel: Like Elena, Samuel is my bus buddy and my best friend. Whenever we have nothing to do on the bus…Well, when Samuel is on the bus, there’s always something to do! He can make anyone laugh. He makes everyone feel welcome and included. He is one of the funniest people I know. Nickname-Samul.

Status Update: Wanting to go to school ??


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