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Shout Out #3

This shout out goes out to my sister Erika and my cousin Aby.

About Erika:

Right now, Erika is 7 years old. She loves dancing, singing, and drawing.  Erika’s favourite songs are Someone Like You by Adele, Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas, Price Tag and Who You are by Jessie J. She likes writing songs, doing different types of art such as drawing, painting, and making collages. She uses different materials such as pencil, paint, patterned paper and charcoal. Erika is learning how to play the ukelele. I play ukulele also, so I teach Erika. She took tap, ballet, hip hop, and gymnastic classes. My sister is funny, creative, musical, active, and loving.

About Aby:

Aby is 9 years old. We are very close to her. We visit her and her family almost every week. She LOVES dance. Aby is a competitive dancer. She takes ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and acrobats. She recently had one of her dance competitions. She won High Emerald in her ballet solo. Aby is also learning how to play the ukulele. I teach both Erika and Aby!
She used to be a mathlete! This is her YouTube video:



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