Advent Acts Of Charity


Advent (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

In school, we had to make a calender and for  Advent which is each day of December until the 25th, there is an act of charity we have to do.  Acts of charity are actually getting up and doing something for someone else.  You can help people, donate things, sacrifice your own time to spend it with loved ones and others.  What are your acts of charity?  It could be the simplest thing!  Hug a friend, call someone to say I love you and you care!  You can even just compliment someone or just smile and have a laugh with others! Advent. A-D-V-E-N-T.  Put the ADVENT back in ADVENTure and make your ADVENTure a caring and loving one.



christmas 2007

Hello!  Since it’s December, the month of Christmas, I want all of us to send in pictures of Christmas arts and crafts. If you want your art/craft to be shown here, send it to me at

If you don’t have any ideas here are some:

  • “O Mini Tree, O Mini Tree”- snip a piece of your Christmas tree, place it in a small vase and decorate the tree with fake snow, glitter and more.
  • You can also make a “Christmas Potpourri”-combine pine cones, star anise, whole nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks.

Celebrate the arrival of winter IMG_0255

For more great ideas for the holidays, go to


These are garden ornaments that my sister Erika, my cousin Aby and I made for our family in California.