My New Blog

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. I have a new active blog called Funny But Not Really. This blog is being written with my friend Emily and I. Please check this out because I will no longer be posting on this.


Happy Belated Birthday!!! Again…

I forgot to post this on the actual birthday…. Again… I’m sorry… Anyways, I would like to say happy birthday to my best friend Griffen! He was mentioned in Shout Out #1 and Shout Out #1/2. Here’s a link to the posts:

For his birthday present, I’ll advertise one of his videos.

Your Welcome. LOL. Happy Birthday Gip.

Shout Out #4

This shout out goes to my 2 friends Naomi and Eliza.They recently started their own blog last month. Its called its a really long name but they are really fun! Their blog is a fan page for their instagram, channel fashion makeup! Please go check them out. They are all about fashion, makeup, and girl tips! SO PLEASE IF YOU WANT MAKEUP TIPS, THERE’S MAKEUP MONDAY! TUTORIALS? TUTORIAL TUESDAY! AND NEW FASHION? FASHION FRIDAYS! Learn from the two tween pros!

Basketball Team!!!

I made my school’s ‘Junior Girls Basketball Team of 2013’!!!!! I had two tryouts. The first tryout went terrible for me. Well, when it was happening it was. It was a Monday. I was trying out for the basketball team for the very first time and I was terrified. I was scared that I wouldn’t do well.

Anyways, the first drill was shooting. The coaches told us to grab a basketball and line up. The grade 8 assistants showed us how to shoot properly using the ‘BEEF’ and ‘Rainbow’ techniques. BEEF stands for Balancing the ball in your hands, Elbow should be right underneath the ball, Eyes should be focused at the net, and you always have to Follow through. The Rainbow Technique-close your left eye (if you’re right handed) and ‘put your right hand in the basket’. We did a shoot-around and that went well.

Next was dribbling. This drill was simple. All we had to do was dribble and walk forward then back. Next, we had to run and dribble. Everything was going well until we started a scrimmage. I wasn’t benched at first but after 5 minutes they put me out. They benched me. For the rest of the tryouts. Which was the longest 20 minutes of my life watching the rest of the girls double dribble, travel, foul, and shoot from UNDERNEATH  the net.

After the tryouts I questioned. Why wouldn’t they put me in? I looked at the other girls that were benched with me. I had to think about it for a while to find out why they would bench us. I looked at what we had in common. Then it hit me. We’re all short. Just because we’re short it doesn’t mean we’re not good at sports. I mean, I think it’s mean to put out people that may be short but have talent. But the time I wasn’t benched, I was stealing the ball, running as fast as the wind, making lay-ups like there was no tomorrow, and not being a hog unlike some people. Also during that time, I also fell because somebody tripped me. I think that somebody was myself. LOL!

The next tryout was better. This tryout was SO fun. The first drill was kind of a one-on-one. We had to pick a partner and line up on the outside of the net. One person on the left and one on the right. The person on the right had to shoot it in the net while the person on the left had to guard them (play defense). My partner was Nation and it was really funny. Nation and I were doing great on offense but our defense could be better. Especially my defense because I’m short…

The next drill was HARD. I had a big disadvantage or should I say a short disadvantage. Rebounds. Just my luck, my partner was like 2 feet taller than me. Every rebound she got and I end up with a soar face from me jumping right at her elbow. She was REALLY tall…

Finally, the scrimmage. For the first 5 minutes I was benched. And I was feeling rejected. But after 5 minutes I got put in!!! Until I fell again. I was going to steal the ball from behind. I was running full speed and when I got there she ran the other way. I tripped over my own shoe and got a rug-burn. I had to sit out for a while. Then I thought, what am I thinking! I’m ruining my chance of  being on a BASKETBALL team! Just suck it up and prove that you’ve got what it takes to be on a basketball team. You can do it… I got up and told them I’m ready to play. I didn’t ask if I could play again. I sucked it up and was aggressive. For the next couple minutes, it felt unbelievable. I was doing my best and my best was pretty good.

Guess what, pretty good will put you on the Junior Girls Basketball Team. My family was so proud of me. Especially my Godfather. He plays basketball, too. In fact, he helped me a lot with my sports. Him and my Dad practice basketball with me. What I learned during this experience is:

  • You have to show that you want something and prove it. (For a sports team)
  • Don’t think bad about something that could be either good or bad. For example, you could be benched because you were playing really good or bad. Look at the brighter side.

Daily Dare #2

Yesterday at school, it was ‘Retro Day’. I went for the ‘Grease’ look. Jeans, polo shirt, and a leather jacket. My dare for you is to dress like you are living in the 40’s to the 80’s! Don’t be afraid to even act like you’re in a different decade! Dress from the past and act like a person from the past. GO RETRO!!!

Vain? Me?

Daily Dare #1

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

It was crazy hair day at school today. I’ve decided to go with kind of the ‘Whos’ look from the Grinch. I had exactly 12 ponytails on my head. My favourite ponytail was the one in the front that tied my bangs. It was puffed up and it bloomed like a flower. My dare for you is to wear a crazy hairstyle out in public!

Shout Out #3

This shout out goes out to my sister Erika and my cousin Aby.

About Erika:

Right now, Erika is 7 years old. She loves dancing, singing, and drawing.  Erika’s favourite songs are Someone Like You by Adele, Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas, Price Tag and Who You are by Jessie J. She likes writing songs, doing different types of art such as drawing, painting, and making collages. She uses different materials such as pencil, paint, patterned paper and charcoal. Erika is learning how to play the ukelele. I play ukulele also, so I teach Erika. She took tap, ballet, hip hop, and gymnastic classes. My sister is funny, creative, musical, active, and loving.

About Aby:

Aby is 9 years old. We are very close to her. We visit her and her family almost every week. She LOVES dance. Aby is a competitive dancer. She takes ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and acrobats. She recently had one of her dance competitions. She won High Emerald in her ballet solo. Aby is also learning how to play the ukulele. I teach both Erika and Aby!
She used to be a mathlete! This is her YouTube video: