My Favourite Things

I have a lot of favourite things. Maybe we have things in common!

1. This is my favourite sport! Volleyball! I’ve been playing volleyball since grade 4. At that time, I didn’t know a thing about the sport. I tried out for the team anyways. It just so happened that I made the team! Our team was called “The Hurricanes”. I was 1 of the 3 grade 4s on the team. I was only nine years old on my very first team. My family is always so proud of me when I get chosen on a school team. But for this sport, I felt that my Mom was the proudest. She plays volleyball, too. She taught me most of what I know to to this very day. I remember my coaches. All of them. Ms. DeMello and Mrs. Ryan. My very first coaches. Every team in the district had to play 4 games against different schools. I remember that we won 3 out of 4 games. Since we won majority of the games, we went to the huge competition at a high school. We played schools that I didn’t even know about other than the ones we already played. I don’t remember how many games we won or lost, but I do know that I had a lot of fun for the first time on a team. The next year I was at a new school. We were called the Crusaders.  My coach was Madame Chartrand. I was the only grade 5 who made the team. The rest of the team were grade 6s. Unfortunately, we only one either 1 or 2 games out of 4. One of the teams we faced was The Hurricanes. AWKWARD! My advantage was that I knew how they played. Before the grade six volleyball team, Madame Chartrand has passed away. She was the best coach ever and No one could replace her. I made the grade 6 volleyball team. We were OK at the beginning of the season but we got better. Our coaches were Madame Gloutinez and Ms. Gabrielli. We won only 1 game out of 3. (Only 3 games because one school didn’t have a team) The first game was against the undefeated team, the second game we won, and the last game we lost. The last game was nail-biting. We lost the first set barely, won the second set barely, and lost the last set miserably. I guess it was just overwhelming. Anyways, volleyball is my favourite sport. No doubt about it. I also take Pac-man, volleyball training  sessions.

2. Music. I can’t live without it. I play a couple of instruments and I definitely want to learn more. Right now I play the guitar, recorder, piano, ukulele, and I sing. I got my guitar in October last year. It’s an acoustic, white and mini! They also have piggies on it! I’ve never taken a lesson before… I teach myself! My Godfather and Aunt play guitar, too and they teach me some tricks. I got a capo recently because I was getting tired of the same key. I also have an electric tuner but I know how to tune it by ear. I started playing the recorder in grade 3. It was part of the curriculum. Since I’m in grade 6, the songs we learn is a big change from Hot Cross Buns. My recent assessment was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. ACED IT! Piano was the very first instrument I’ve ever learned. I started taking lessons in 2009. I don’t take lessons anymore but I print piano sheets off the Internet. Right now I’m working on If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Ah. The ukulele. I recently got my PINK ukulele. Yup! It’s pink! I don’t need to take lessons for this 4-stringed mini guitar. The chords are so simple! The main chords use only 1-3 fingers! This is a great instrument for kids because it’s small, light, easy to play, and cheap! Well, the one I got was cheap. Right now I’m teaching my sister and my Dad. My Dad is doing well, I guess. His strumming is coming along but he only knows one chord which is C. C is the most simplest chord ever. Lastly is singing. If you know me, then you know this is my favourite passion. My friends say that I should try out for Canada’s Got Talent but I don’t think I’m ready yet… If I like a song, then I’m almost certain I will be jamming out on all my instruments to that song. I think I was 3 when I started singing. My parents said my first favourite song was Rastaman Chant by Bob Marley. I love still love that song.  Anyways, my point is that I started singing at a young age. I also write songs! I just finished writing a song called Why. Some other songs are called Solid Revenge, Lost, and Rollercoaster.  One day I would like to start a band. Music=Life.

3. Last but certainly not least…FOOD! I like what am I saying! I LOVE EATING! I like all types of food! My family and friends all know that! In California, my family and I went to the ESPN store and restaurant. I ordered Buffalo Barbeque wings. I think there were about 10 of them and I took some of my Uncle’s mashed potatoes. I ate it all. We also went to ihop! The International House Of Pancakes. I remember exactly what I ordered. 2 pancakes, 2 hash browns, 3 eggs, toast….Oh yeah, and s T-BONE!!!!! Finished most of it! Feeling like a boss. 😉 Nation took me to Mandarin once. Mandarin is a buffet. With Crab Legs. A LOT OF CRAB LEGS. Nation’s Dad and I were eating our hearts out. When I was on my 3rd plate of Crab Legs, Nation was already full! Also in Mandarin there was creme brulee. It was very disappointing. It wasn’t in those mini servings. It was in a glass container. It was a self-serve so all the top was gone 😦 . I’m still so mad about that. Oh and at Holiday parties… Don’t even get me started! I always feel bad for not leaving extras to take home… I eat a lot. I try to gain weight but I don’t know where all the food goes!!! I gotta go now… I have a turkey to eat 🙂


Happy Valentines Day

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

As you probably know it’s Valentines Day! This day is to celebrate a four letter word. It starts with L and ends with an O-V-E. I’m not only talking about crushes at school but family love and friendship love. So today at school, we have our annual Valentines dance. I found the perfect someone to dance with. Who I’m talking about are my BESTIES! At the dance everyone is so shy at the beginning. No ones dancing. No ones singing. They are either sitting or walking in circles. I was just standing their for a while because 1. I was the only and first person there. 2. I hated the song. 3. The lights were on. I only dance when the lights are off so people barely see me. Later on, I requested a song, surprisingly I forgot what I requested. What I do know is that we were dancing like there was no tomorrow and scaring guys off by screaming/singing along. It was pretty funny because when our guy classmates came over, they went away in a second! What I learned today is jumping to the beat while lazily fist pumping counts as dancing. What I was surprised to see was my guy friend danced a dance for the first time in public! I was sweating like crazy! I tried to sneak in every photo! (Have you seen Ellen DeGeneres’ creeper pics?) It was so fun but the songs were repetitive. Overall, I had fun!

Status update: Partied Out #-)

Happy New Years!!!

Fireworks #1

Happy New Years

Yaaaay! Finally, 2013 is here and it is time to start the new year with figuring out our new years resolution. If you don’t know what a new years resolution is, it’s when you make a commitment or a change in habit or a goal to keep for the entire year. I still haven’t made mine yet but how I usually get my new years resolution by figuring out my bad habits or wanting to change something about me.

Status update: Stumped

Rice Crispy Pizza!

Rice Crispy Pizza!

This came as a give-away for my cousins birthday party. This year, they made this. When the actual pizza was there, they came in with almost 10 boxes. My thoughts were “They do know that there are only a couple of us, right?” At the end of the party, they handed each of the kids a pizza box. I asked, “We get a whole pizza to ourselves!” I look inside and i was even more amazed because it was made out of rice crispy, fruit roll up, white chocolate and icing! I don’t like sweets that much but this, was to die for. I also accidentally ate half of it and after I ate half i remembered to take a photo…Ooops!

Advent Acts Of Charity


Advent (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

In school, we had to make a calender and for  Advent which is each day of December until the 25th, there is an act of charity we have to do.  Acts of charity are actually getting up and doing something for someone else.  You can help people, donate things, sacrifice your own time to spend it with loved ones and others.  What are your acts of charity?  It could be the simplest thing!  Hug a friend, call someone to say I love you and you care!  You can even just compliment someone or just smile and have a laugh with others! Advent. A-D-V-E-N-T.  Put the ADVENT back in ADVENTure and make your ADVENTure a caring and loving one.


christmas 2007

Hello!  Since it’s December, the month of Christmas, I want all of us to send in pictures of Christmas arts and crafts. If you want your art/craft to be shown here, send it to me at

If you don’t have any ideas here are some:

  • “O Mini Tree, O Mini Tree”- snip a piece of your Christmas tree, place it in a small vase and decorate the tree with fake snow, glitter and more.
  • You can also make a “Christmas Potpourri”-combine pine cones, star anise, whole nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks.

Celebrate the arrival of winter IMG_0255

For more great ideas for the holidays, go to


These are garden ornaments that my sister Erika, my cousin Aby and I made for our family in California.