Shout Out #4

This shout out goes to my 2 friends Naomi and Eliza.They recently started their own blog last month. Its called its a really long name but they are really fun! Their blog is a fan page for their instagram, channel fashion makeup! Please go check them out. They are all about fashion, makeup, and girl tips! SO PLEASE IF YOU WANT MAKEUP TIPS, THERE’S MAKEUP MONDAY! TUTORIALS? TUTORIAL TUESDAY! AND NEW FASHION? FASHION FRIDAYS! Learn from the two tween pros!


Daily Dare #2

Yesterday at school, it was ‘Retro Day’. I went for the ‘Grease’ look. Jeans, polo shirt, and a leather jacket. My dare for you is to dress like you are living in the 40’s to the 80’s! Don’t be afraid to even act like you’re in a different decade! Dress from the past and act like a person from the past. GO RETRO!!!

Vain? Me?

Happy Birthday!

Today my cousin and fellow blogger jazmn0106 who is turning 14 today! Follow her fashion facts and teenage tips at her blog but it is really called Blissful Mess. I wish you the best and hope you have a great birthday to kick off the new year. Happy Birthday! See you soon!

Status update: Ready to PARTY