I got my iPhone 4 a couple months ago. I started playing Subway Surfer, Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run, and Tap Tap Revenge. I was tired of playing same old games over and over again. Bored, I asked my friends Nation and Elena what they play. They told me to try out Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes by Nimblebit. So I did. Right now I could say that I’m doing pretty well with these 2 games. In Tiny Tower, I have 109 floors, 205 “Bitizens”, 193 dream jobs, the fastest elevator, about 2 000 000 coins, and about 500 bux. In Pocket Planes, I’m Level 12, I have 11 planes, about 100 000 coins, about 50 bux, and 25 airports. Having these accomplishments, there’s not that many things to do anymore. Tiny Tower-rent, collect, stock, build, rent, collect, stock, build, rent, collect stock….zzzz…..zzzz….zzzz…. Pocket Planes-board, fly, wait, board, fly, wait, board, fly, build an airport, wait, board, fly, build a plane, wait….zzzz….zzzz….zzzz…. Then I turn to Nation and Elena again and ask them, “THIS IS WHAT YOU DO ALL THE TIME?!? DO YOU EVER GET BORED?!?” Then they told me that they stopped playing it. A month ago!!! I didn’t ask them for any other games. It turns out that everyone plays those same games. Not anymore. I wonder what they play now…


Anyways, I started playing my Mom’s games. Or should I say game…She plays Bejeweled. At one point she got really hooked on it. Sometimes she zones out! After a while, she finally cut her playing time down. I started playing it, too. It was an OK game…. Moving on, I started looking on the app store myself!!! I was debating on what I should type in. I thought of what I love and came across “My Favourite Things” post. Volleyball…Uh…I don’t think you can play a good game of volleyball on your iPhone…Music. Perfect! I looked it up. I found this company called SMULE! I downloaded SMULE The Magic Piano, SMULE Sing Karaoke, SMULE Auto Rap, SMULE The Magic Guitar, SMULE The Magic Trumpet, and Cinebeat by SMULE! In the Magic Piano, you have to tap the glowing lights when they come to a specific place at the bottom of your screen. In Sing Karaoke, you get to sing karaoke solo, duet or even a group! In Auto Rap, all you had to do is say a phrase and it will turn into a rap. The Magic Guitar and The Magic Trumpet are the same as The Magic Piano but you’re just holding it a different way. Finally in Cinebeat, you make a 15 second music video. I deleted Auto Rap, The Magic Guitar, The Magic Trumpet, and Cinebeat. They were BORING. Well, to me. I still play these games but it was getting old. I looked up in the app store Restaurant and Cooking. I downloaded Street Food Tycoon,  Order Up, Cafe Once Upon A Time, Bakery Story, and Papa’s Burgeria. My favourite games out of the Restaurant and Cooking category are Cafe Once Upon A Time and Papa’s Burgeria.


Since my sister’s games automatically transfer to mine, I decided to try them out. These games included Talking Tom, Talking Ben, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Toca Birthday Party, Toca Store, Toca Kitchen, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Hair Salon 2, Pepi Bath, Cut the Rope, Disney Boutique, Fix-It Felix, Mega Run, Fireball, Oz Run, Sally’s Salon, Sally’s Studio, Angry Birds, and The Croods. These games are actually OK. It was too repetitive and I was too old for them.


I gave up on games. I’m not playing much on my iPhone anymore. I’m only on YouTube, Safari, and Music. I have better things to do then stock floors, or pretend to cook food, or fly mini planes. My parents always said to me before I had an iPhone:

So your friends are 10 years old. They have an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad, a PS3, Facebook, a YouTube account, a laptop, and a blackberry… GO PLAY OUTSIDE!





Laugh of the Day #4

Today I will tell ‘LOL SO TRUE’ quotes:

1. He broke her heart. She broke his X-Box. I think we all know who cried the hardest.

2. Singing one line of a song all day because it’s the only part you remember.

3. Using a different word because you can’t spell the word you originally wanted to use.

4. Jealous women do better research than FBI.

5. When I’m on my death bed, I want my final words to be, “I left one million dollars in the…”

6. Skinny jeans are like calories. Easy to put on…Almost impossible to take off.

7. Flipping the page loudly during a test, just so everyone knows that you’re ahead.

8. I make weird faces in photos because it’s better to look ugly on purpose.

9. I hate when I forget to press send and I’m sitting here waiting for a reply.

10. That moment when someone’s voice doesn’t match their appearance.

11. Want temporary friends? Bring a pack of gum to school.

12. I am just one step away from being rich, all I need now is money.

13. Feeling like a boss when you sing a fast verse from a song successfully.

14. Life would be so much easier if everyone’s cell phone charger’s the same.

15. You’re desperate when you look at the second page on Google.

16. Dear parents, thank you for giving me such a weird name. Sincerely, my name is never on those gift key chains.

17. When I text you a whole paragraph and you reply an hour later ‘K’

18. Don’t break a girl’s heart because she’ll probably write a bestselling album about it.

19. I won’t take a bullet for anyone because if I have time to jump in front of a bullet, they would have time to move.

20. Saying LOL SO TRUE after reading an LOL SO TRUE quote.

I don’t mean to offend anyone!!!