I really need to apologize because I have neglected to post…:( I have been fairly busy and because I was busy, that lead to laziness. Here are somethings I did over the past couple of weeks.

1. My basketball team. If you read my posts from a while ago, I’m on my schools basketball team! The best part is that I’m point guard!!! I was so happy and I still am happy. When it was our very first day of practice, it was after March break so I was still lazy, weak, and tired. When we got in, our coaches told us to run around the gym. Usually in P.E, we only run 3 laps. I finished 3 laps. Sprinting. After, my coaches asked how many laps I did. I said 3. They were shocked and told me to do 7 more. They weren’t the only ones that were shocked…I was already out of breath because I ran full speed on my other 3 laps! I managed to finish my total of 10 laps. After our laps, we had to do lunges back-and-forth. It may seem easy to you but actually try to do it! Your knee has to be skimming the ground and then you have to twist your back left to right. The total we have to do is about 70 of them. Nice and slowly. After lunges, we run with high knees. After high knees come butt-kicks. My legs killed from March break snoozing to full speed running. We got to calm down doing stretches. I was ready to actually play some basketball!!! Right when I was about to go grab a ball they yell STAIRS!!! We walk out of the gym. I saw some stairs! We walked up them. I said WOW that was really easy! They said that wasn’t it. We got to the stairwell. There was about 20 stairs. They said 10. 10 what? 10 laps full speed! We weren’t allowed to stop, slow down, or miss a single step. Think of it, 10 laps around the gym, lunges, 200 steps of stairs without stopping. All of this right after March Break. My legs still kill. We did this every day increasing a lap for stairs and laps. This was just the warm-up the drills were even harder. Suicides, shuffles, and A LOT of running back and forth. We won our last game and have another one coming up! Wish us luck!

2. Another thing I did was play a lot of apps/games. I’m really addicted to Tiny Tower, Karaoke, Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, and Minecraft. In Tiny Tower, Elena and I are having a competition which is who has the most floors. I don’t know when it’s going to end though… Right now I have about 130 floors while Elena has 135 floors. Even though I’m losing I’m still #2 of all my friends. I started to sing Karaoke more. In this game, you get to pick a song and sing it either in a duet, group, or solo. I prefer duet because it sounds the best. You sing with other people and if you like the performance you save it and anyone can hear it!

3. We just moved! My family and I are so exhausted from packing and unpacking all of our belongings! We have plenty of stuff and our new house is filled with boxes! I have my own room now and I get to arrange it the way I want!!! I’m going to paint some abstract art to hang up, I’m going to get a bean bag chair, I’m going to have my instruments in my own room and I’m going to love it.  Now I’m closer to the school I have to go on a new bus. I asked my secretary for the new bus information. She told me that I’m so close to the school, that I’m not even qualified for a bus! I guess I’m walking… Also, since we moved, my sister will be going to the same school as me starting in September.

4. I’m caught up in my music! I’ve learned a lot of songs on guitar and piano. These songs include Payphone, Daylight, Girl On Fire, Past Lives, E.T., Before He Cheats, Behind These Hazel Eyes, My Happy Ending, Part Of Me, Someone Like You, Skyfall, When I Was Your Man, and lots more. Right now I’m perfecting When I Was Your Man and Past Lives on piano and E.T on guitar. I’m also trying to think of ideas for a new original. I started really songwriting in January. I’ve written 3 songs so far. Their names are Solid Revenge, Lost, and Why? They’re pretty good say Nation and Elena. They keep me motivated on writing new songs. I look up to them…Because they are really taller than me. And in the other way, too.

5.Last but not least, SLEEP.I’ve been doing a lot of that…

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you forgive me for not posting in forever. I’ll do my best to post daily:)


My Favourite Things

I have a lot of favourite things. Maybe we have things in common!

1. This is my favourite sport! Volleyball! I’ve been playing volleyball since grade 4. At that time, I didn’t know a thing about the sport. I tried out for the team anyways. It just so happened that I made the team! Our team was called “The Hurricanes”. I was 1 of the 3 grade 4s on the team. I was only nine years old on my very first team. My family is always so proud of me when I get chosen on a school team. But for this sport, I felt that my Mom was the proudest. She plays volleyball, too. She taught me most of what I know to to this very day. I remember my coaches. All of them. Ms. DeMello and Mrs. Ryan. My very first coaches. Every team in the district had to play 4 games against different schools. I remember that we won 3 out of 4 games. Since we won majority of the games, we went to the huge competition at a high school. We played schools that I didn’t even know about other than the ones we already played. I don’t remember how many games we won or lost, but I do know that I had a lot of fun for the first time on a team. The next year I was at a new school. We were called the Crusaders.  My coach was Madame Chartrand. I was the only grade 5 who made the team. The rest of the team were grade 6s. Unfortunately, we only one either 1 or 2 games out of 4. One of the teams we faced was The Hurricanes. AWKWARD! My advantage was that I knew how they played. Before the grade six volleyball team, Madame Chartrand has passed away. She was the best coach ever and No one could replace her. I made the grade 6 volleyball team. We were OK at the beginning of the season but we got better. Our coaches were Madame Gloutinez and Ms. Gabrielli. We won only 1 game out of 3. (Only 3 games because one school didn’t have a team) The first game was against the undefeated team, the second game we won, and the last game we lost. The last game was nail-biting. We lost the first set barely, won the second set barely, and lost the last set miserably. I guess it was just overwhelming. Anyways, volleyball is my favourite sport. No doubt about it. I also take Pac-man, volleyball training  sessions.

2. Music. I can’t live without it. I play a couple of instruments and I definitely want to learn more. Right now I play the guitar, recorder, piano, ukulele, and I sing. I got my guitar in October last year. It’s an acoustic, white and mini! They also have piggies on it! I’ve never taken a lesson before… I teach myself! My Godfather and Aunt play guitar, too and they teach me some tricks. I got a capo recently because I was getting tired of the same key. I also have an electric tuner but I know how to tune it by ear. I started playing the recorder in grade 3. It was part of the curriculum. Since I’m in grade 6, the songs we learn is a big change from Hot Cross Buns. My recent assessment was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. ACED IT! Piano was the very first instrument I’ve ever learned. I started taking lessons in 2009. I don’t take lessons anymore but I print piano sheets off the Internet. Right now I’m working on If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Ah. The ukulele. I recently got my PINK ukulele. Yup! It’s pink! I don’t need to take lessons for this 4-stringed mini guitar. The chords are so simple! The main chords use only 1-3 fingers! This is a great instrument for kids because it’s small, light, easy to play, and cheap! Well, the one I got was cheap. Right now I’m teaching my sister and my Dad. My Dad is doing well, I guess. His strumming is coming along but he only knows one chord which is C. C is the most simplest chord ever. Lastly is singing. If you know me, then you know this is my favourite passion. My friends say that I should try out for Canada’s Got Talent but I don’t think I’m ready yet… If I like a song, then I’m almost certain I will be jamming out on all my instruments to that song. I think I was 3 when I started singing. My parents said my first favourite song was Rastaman Chant by Bob Marley. I love still love that song.  Anyways, my point is that I started singing at a young age. I also write songs! I just finished writing a song called Why. Some other songs are called Solid Revenge, Lost, and Rollercoaster.  One day I would like to start a band. Music=Life.

3. Last but certainly not least…FOOD! I like what am I saying! I LOVE EATING! I like all types of food! My family and friends all know that! In California, my family and I went to the ESPN store and restaurant. I ordered Buffalo Barbeque wings. I think there were about 10 of them and I took some of my Uncle’s mashed potatoes. I ate it all. We also went to ihop! The International House Of Pancakes. I remember exactly what I ordered. 2 pancakes, 2 hash browns, 3 eggs, toast….Oh yeah, and s T-BONE!!!!! Finished most of it! Feeling like a boss. 😉 Nation took me to Mandarin once. Mandarin is a buffet. With Crab Legs. A LOT OF CRAB LEGS. Nation’s Dad and I were eating our hearts out. When I was on my 3rd plate of Crab Legs, Nation was already full! Also in Mandarin there was creme brulee. It was very disappointing. It wasn’t in those mini servings. It was in a glass container. It was a self-serve so all the top was gone 😦 . I’m still so mad about that. Oh and at Holiday parties… Don’t even get me started! I always feel bad for not leaving extras to take home… I eat a lot. I try to gain weight but I don’t know where all the food goes!!! I gotta go now… I have a turkey to eat 🙂

Basketball Team!!!

I made my school’s ‘Junior Girls Basketball Team of 2013’!!!!! I had two tryouts. The first tryout went terrible for me. Well, when it was happening it was. It was a Monday. I was trying out for the basketball team for the very first time and I was terrified. I was scared that I wouldn’t do well.

Anyways, the first drill was shooting. The coaches told us to grab a basketball and line up. The grade 8 assistants showed us how to shoot properly using the ‘BEEF’ and ‘Rainbow’ techniques. BEEF stands for Balancing the ball in your hands, Elbow should be right underneath the ball, Eyes should be focused at the net, and you always have to Follow through. The Rainbow Technique-close your left eye (if you’re right handed) and ‘put your right hand in the basket’. We did a shoot-around and that went well.

Next was dribbling. This drill was simple. All we had to do was dribble and walk forward then back. Next, we had to run and dribble. Everything was going well until we started a scrimmage. I wasn’t benched at first but after 5 minutes they put me out. They benched me. For the rest of the tryouts. Which was the longest 20 minutes of my life watching the rest of the girls double dribble, travel, foul, and shoot from UNDERNEATH  the net.

After the tryouts I questioned. Why wouldn’t they put me in? I looked at the other girls that were benched with me. I had to think about it for a while to find out why they would bench us. I looked at what we had in common. Then it hit me. We’re all short. Just because we’re short it doesn’t mean we’re not good at sports. I mean, I think it’s mean to put out people that may be short but have talent. But the time I wasn’t benched, I was stealing the ball, running as fast as the wind, making lay-ups like there was no tomorrow, and not being a hog unlike some people. Also during that time, I also fell because somebody tripped me. I think that somebody was myself. LOL!

The next tryout was better. This tryout was SO fun. The first drill was kind of a one-on-one. We had to pick a partner and line up on the outside of the net. One person on the left and one on the right. The person on the right had to shoot it in the net while the person on the left had to guard them (play defense). My partner was Nation and it was really funny. Nation and I were doing great on offense but our defense could be better. Especially my defense because I’m short…

The next drill was HARD. I had a big disadvantage or should I say a short disadvantage. Rebounds. Just my luck, my partner was like 2 feet taller than me. Every rebound she got and I end up with a soar face from me jumping right at her elbow. She was REALLY tall…

Finally, the scrimmage. For the first 5 minutes I was benched. And I was feeling rejected. But after 5 minutes I got put in!!! Until I fell again. I was going to steal the ball from behind. I was running full speed and when I got there she ran the other way. I tripped over my own shoe and got a rug-burn. I had to sit out for a while. Then I thought, what am I thinking! I’m ruining my chance of  being on a BASKETBALL team! Just suck it up and prove that you’ve got what it takes to be on a basketball team. You can do it… I got up and told them I’m ready to play. I didn’t ask if I could play again. I sucked it up and was aggressive. For the next couple minutes, it felt unbelievable. I was doing my best and my best was pretty good.

Guess what, pretty good will put you on the Junior Girls Basketball Team. My family was so proud of me. Especially my Godfather. He plays basketball, too. In fact, he helped me a lot with my sports. Him and my Dad practice basketball with me. What I learned during this experience is:

  • You have to show that you want something and prove it. (For a sports team)
  • Don’t think bad about something that could be either good or bad. For example, you could be benched because you were playing really good or bad. Look at the brighter side.

NHL Jokes/Burns

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NHL (For your information, I don’t mean to offend anyone!)

Q: What do the Bruins and the Titanic have in common?

A: They both look good until the hit the ice!

Guess what Leaf fans! Leaves die every fall!

Q. What do you call a Vancouver Canuck with a Stanley Cup ring?
A. A thief.

The Montreal Canadians are really fast! Almost like cheaters.

Status update: Anxious for the new season